DEW Middle School

David E. Williams Middle School
60 Gawaldo Drive
Coraopolis, PA 15108
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Dr. Jason Burik ext. 2611
[email protected]
Mr. Michael Marvin ext. 2612
Assistant Principal
Mrs. Jennifer Phillips ext. 2616
Dean of Student Affairs
Mrs. Sandi Herman ext. 2610
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Sherry Steele ext. 2630
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Kristin Snyder ext. 2621
Mrs. Brenda Ramser ext. 2622
Nurse Assistant
Counselors & PSSA Coordinators
Mrs. Verdream - 5th Grade 7th Grade (Last name I-P)
Mrs. Rusnak - 6th Grade & 7th Grade (Last name Q-Z)
Mrs. Langdon - 8th Grade & 7th Grade (Last name A-H)
Mrs. Danielle Langdon
8th Grade & 7th Grade (Last name A-H)
412-771-8802 x2602
[email protected]
Mrs. Emily Rusnak
6th Grade & 7th Grade (Last name Q-Z)
412-771-8802 x2606
[email protected]
Mrs. Andrea Verdream
5th Grade 7th Grade (Last name I-P)
412-771-8802 x2601
[email protected]
Ryan Klinginsmith - Educational Mentor
412-771-8802 x2604
5th Grade
Butera Kelly 2309 [email protected] ELA
Cenna Danielle 2310 [email protected] ELA
Cross Samantha 2210 [email protected] SS/Sci
Earley Dennis 2307 [email protected] SS/Sci
Matarazzo Lori 2308 [email protected] ELA
Muha Pamela 2306 [email protected] SS/Sci
Prunczik Kristy 2301 [email protected] Math
Rongaus Dana 2303 [email protected] Math
Taylor Eileen 2304 [email protected]  Math
Welsh James 2305 [email protected] SS/Sci
6th Grade
Baron Dena 2200 [email protected] SS/Sci
Celich Sydney 2214 [email protected] SS/Sci
Cross Samantha 2210 [email protected] SS/Sci
Frauens Victoria 2211 [email protected] Math
Gianino Colleen 2213 [email protected] Math
Hoffman Rosa 2204 [email protected]  ELA
Palmer Melissa 2215 [email protected] SS/Sci
Petzoldt Kristin 2201 [email protected]  ELA
Schrenker Brian 2212 [email protected] Math 
Thomas Janet 2202 [email protected] ELA 
7th Grade        
Biondo Melissa 2107 [email protected] Math
Christiansen Jessica 2108 [email protected] Math 
Deutsch Frank 2110 [email protected] SS
Asfahani Emily 2105 [email protected] Sci
Johnson Stacey 2100 [email protected] ELA 
Panucci Diane 2103 [email protected] ELA 
Ruscitto Jason 2104 [email protected] Sci 
Slusar Leslie 2106 [email protected]  Math
Smith Kathleen 2102 [email protected] ELA 
Weaver Nick 2111 [email protected] SS
8th Grade        
Cross Samantha 2210 [email protected] ELA
DiClemente Amy 2507 [email protected] SS 
Goodman Hanah 2506 [email protected] Sci 
Hutter Michele 2502 [email protected] Math
Jak Sherri 2505 [email protected] Sci 
Kutchman Kenneth 2511 [email protected] ELA 
Lukondi Robert 2503 [email protected] Math 
Martino Brianna 2501 [email protected] ELA
Robinson Jennifer 2510 [email protected] ELA 
Swain Abby 2504 [email protected] Math
Tempest Angela 2508 [email protected] ELA 
Albert Chelsey 2405 [email protected] Art
Black Bill 2408 [email protected] STEM 
Boehm Jenn 2400 [email protected] Hearing
Bosco Lindsay 2401 [email protected] Music
Campalong Deborah 2113 [email protected] ES
Cercone Allison 2112 [email protected]  LS 
Devlin Kristen 2407  [email protected]  5-8 Life Skills
Evans Dan 2641 [email protected]  Library
Farrelly Jayme 2406 [email protected] Family Cons Sci
Fuscardo Leslie 2114 [email protected] Spanish 
Kahn Rachel 2410 [email protected] Music/Chorus
Mayo Brittany 2125 [email protected] Phys Ed/Health 
Mancini Cyndi 2410 [email protected] Band
Machusko Holly 2209 [email protected] Computers
Migliozzi Mike 2101 [email protected]  7th/8th ES/LS 
Mikush Melissa 2302 [email protected] ESL
Mullen Kristy 2205 [email protected] 5th/6th ES/LS
Pearce Lauren 2109 [email protected] SE
Rose Lauren 2210 [email protected] 5th/6th SE
Rosier Kelly 2206 [email protected] Speech 
Romano Steve 2560 [email protected]  Health/P.E.
Santia Megan 2403 [email protected] ES
Watkins Kathleen 2513 [email protected] LS 
Weaver Linda 1606 [email protected] Gifted
Westwood Lindsay 2300 [email protected] French/Spanish
ES = Emotional Support
LS = Learning Support
SE = Special Education