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Facilities Scheduling

The Montour School District is subscribed to School Dude Facilities Direct and Community Usage. This is a web portal that can handle all facilities requests and requirements for Montour School District. All organizations are required to use this program to request any facilities within the Montour School District. A link and instructions on using this system can be found below.
For questions concerning facility scheduling please contact:
Mr. Tony Rippole
412-490-6500 ext. 1624


  • Please follow the links below (guide, fee schedule and calendar).
  • Obtain Certificate of Insurance certifying the user has $1,000,000 in liability coverage and $20,000 in property damage in effect at the time of the rental. The certificate must list the Montour School District as an additional insured and certificate holding (liability & property damage insurance is not required for district sponsored activities, sanctioned booster groups and PTA groups). 
  • If any head coach wants to use any Montour facility without booster involvement, they MUST pay for it in accordance with Montour School District policy via Tony Rippole.
  • If any head coach wants to run a camp with the booster organization, they will utilize the facilities for free but must have a written mutual agreement between the coach and booster organization regarding the distribution of generated funds. Funds may also be credited to the individual athletic account.
  • Whether utilizing the facilities independently or in cooperation with a booster organization, all coaches must follow facility usage guidelines and all District policies, rules and regulations.


Return the Certificate of Insurance to:

Montour School District

Tony Rippole, Facilities Event Manager

225 Clever Rd.

McKees Rocks, PA  15136


  • Make final arrangements, agree to assessed fees, and make all checks payable to the “Montour School District”. Payment is required within one week prior to the event.  Checks should be mailed to the Montour Business Office at 225 Clever Road, McKees Rocks, PA   

- All Assessed fees will be communicated to organizations prior to usage approval. -

Facilities Office
5530 Aiken Road
McKees Rocks, PA 15136

Montour High School
223 Clever Road
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
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David E. Williams Middle School
Porters Hollow Road
Coraopolis, PA 15108
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Montour Elementary School
221 Clever Road
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
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