Pupil Services

Pupil Services is divided into Special Education, Gifted Education and the following support services:

Social Work, School Counseling, Psychological, Speech and Language, Behavioral Therapy, Vocational and Transitional Services, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Services for the Hearing Impaired, Psychiatric Consultation and Home Schooling.
The Director is in charge of all special instruction and pupil services. The major responsibilities of the director are to facilitate improvement of instruction and service of all special needs learners, to participate in staffing schools, to oversee the identification, program development and program placement services for students who are mandated as special education, and to administer compliance with State and Federal regulations.
Dr. Bob Isherwood (Keystone Consulting)
412-490-6500 x6102
Sharon Alberico
Pupil Services Secretary
412-490-6500 x6100
Cindy Caliguire 
(Linda Weaver)
Teacher, Gifted
412-490-6500 x2511
School Psychologists
Mr. Matt Williams
412-490-6500 ext. 2601
Dr. Rick Kapusta
412-489-8300 ext. 4318
School Psychologist / Behavior Specialist
Dr. Jessica Weister
412-489-8300 ext. 4318
Social Worker
Ms. Kara Valecko
412-490-6500 ext. 1605
Kym Macek
412-771-3772 ext. 2604
Transition Coordinator
Kris Eichner
412-490-6500 ext. 6103
High School Guidance
Mrs. Jodi Williams
School Counselor
Student Last Names A-Go
412-490-6500 x1620
[email protected]
Mrs. Barbara Magill
School Counselor
Student Last Names Gr-Pe
412-490-6500 x1601
[email protected]
Mrs. Christina Quigley
School Counselor
Student Last Names Pf-Z
412-490-6500 x1602
[email protected]
David E. Williams Guidance
Grade 5 - Ms. Emily Rusnak
412-771-8802 x2601
Grade 7 - Mrs. Danielle Langdon
412-771-8802 x2602
Grade 8 - Mrs. Andrea Verdream
412-771-8802 x2604
Grade 6 Shared: 
Mrs. Danielle Langdon (A-H) contact info above
Mrs. Andrea Verdream (I-P) contact info above
Ms. Emily Rusnak (Q-Z) contact info above
Mr. Ryan Klingensmith
412-771-8802 x2606
Montour Elementary School Guidance
Mrs. Melissa Bamford
Counselor ext. 4315
Mr. Dustin Kerr
Counselor ext. 4316
Mrs. Amy Sclight
Counselor (for both Teams) ext. 4319