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Cafeteria Charge Policy - 808.1

Cafeteria Charge Policy - 808.1




The following guidelines shall be followed in instances where a student finds it unnecessary to charge their meal due to lack of funds in their account.



  1. No student who requests a meal will be denied a main lunch option, unless the student's parent/guardian has provided written permission to withhold a school lunch. A-la-carte items are not part of the main lunch and can only be purchased with positive lunch account funds or cash.
  2. Parents/Guardians are solely responsible for providing their children with money for breakfast and/or lunch.
  3. The district utilizes a computerized point-of-sale system in each of its cafeterias. Each student in the school is given an individual account with a unique number that remains with the student throughout his/her school years. Parents/Guardians are responsible for all purchases made on their child's account.
  4. A National School Lunch Program Free/Reduced Meal application shall be sent home at the start of each school year and be available throughout the year on our district webpage. A new application must be submitted by the parent/guardian every year. 
  5. Students approved for the free/reduced lunch program will receive one (1) free/reduced breakfast and one (1) free/reduced lunch per day. Additional lunches, breakfasts or milk must be purchased at the full price. A-la-carte items and milk are not covered under the free and reduced program.
  6. Parents/Guardians and students are encouraged to deposit money in their child's cafeteria account so that adequate money is readily available to purchase a school breakfast and lunch. Parents/Guardians can deposit money by sending a check or cash with their child to school. Parents/Guardians may also deposit online by using Board-approved software. A convenience fee may apply for using this service which is imposed by the online service, not the school district. 
  7. All non-sufficient fund (NSF) checks will be charged a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee, and the check amount will be deducted from the student's lunch account. After two (2) recorded NSF actions per school year, the district will no longer accept payment by check; payment may only be made by cash or money order. 
  8. Direct communications regarding money owed will be made the parent/guardian only. Students may deliver communications in letter form addressed to the parent/guardian. 
  9. Notices of five dollars ($5.00) or less and negative balances will be sent to the parent/guardian monthly by the Food Service Department. If balances of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or greater exist at the end of the month, a letter will be sent by the Business Office indicating monies due or payment arrangements need to be made within ten (10) business days.
  10. Families are encouraged to establish repayment plans.
  11. Students who owe money or do not have money for a school meal will not be publicly identified, stigmatized or be required to do chores or work. No student will be required to discard a school meal after it has been served. Upon withdrawing from the district, students must bring their account to zero (0) balance; any refund will be sent to the parent/guardian. 
  12. Students with account balances of greater than fifty dollars ($50.00) will have a certified letter sent to their parent/guardian from the Superintendent or district solicitor indicating that if payment is not made within fourteen (14) days, the account may be turned over to the district Magistrate's Office or a collection agency. Any further costs incurred by this section will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
  13. A letter from the Food Service Department will be sent within two (2) weeks of the end of the school year for graduating seniors with a positive balance. The parent/guardian can elect to transfer the remaining balance to another student or request a refund. All refund checks will be mailed to the parent/guardian.
  14. During the last week of school, the Food Service Department will send a final obligation notice to the parent/guardian.
  15. Students and parents/guardians shall be notified annually concerning the contents of this policy and district procedures.