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Introducing Nutrislice, Montour School District's new interactive lunch menu system.  You can now view exactly what your kids are eating down to the individual carb counts, specific allergens, and calorie intake for each menu item available.  
These interactive menus will be available each month through our cafeteria menus.
The Nutrislice link can be accessed on both your desktop computer and your mobile device.  First, select your building and then the menu you are interested in viewing (breakfast or lunch.)  
The interactive menu will display the lunch selections for the entire month.  Hover over an item and a brief description of the selection is shared and the complete nutrition information is displayed including the calorie count.
Allergen information can also be easily accessed through a drop down menu in the top right of the page.  When certain allergens are filtered, the menu items containing those allergens are crossed out on the main menu, leaving only food items that are safe for your child.
Carbohydrate counts can also be displayed for all menu items for the month by selecting the "View Carb Count" option in the top right of the page.  These counts can also be easily printed.  All the nutrition and carbohydrate information are linked to the state menu planning website so as our menu items are changed and updated, the nutrition and carbohydrate information will be updated instantly.
A direct link to Nutrition Inc. and other promotional materials such as "The Scoop" and "Wellness Wednesday" can also be easily accessed from the widgets on the homepage. 
Food Ratings
These interactive menus provide a wealth of information for parents, nurses, and other staff members throughout the district.  But don't think the fun is just for the grown-ups!  Students can have fun with the menus too.  When a menu item is selected, there is a spot at the bottom of the nutrition information bubble where the food can be rated.  The food services department can use this data as a gauge to determine what foods the students enjoy the best.  For example, if the Italian Dunkers get five stars, our food services department will know to serve this menu item more often, where as the less popular items may not repeat as many times throughout the month.
For additional questions or concerns with the Montour School District menus in Nutrislice or other food services issues, please contact our Director of Food Services.
Cortney Gill-Marsilio
223 Clever Rd.
McKees Rocks, Pa 15136
412-490-6500 ext 1651