Instructional Methodology


Launch, Explore, Summarize!

A goal of any effective educator is to tailor lessons to the students' method of learning instead of teaching one way and expecting a child to adapt to the method.

The Montour School District recognizes that to effectively reach the 21st Century student, several instructional shifts must take place:
  • The teacher becomes a listener
  • The teacher becomes the sorter of information
  • Students must be constantly engaged with the content
Model Overview

The instructional methodology which is supported by the Montour School District is called Launch – Explore – Summarize. In this constructivist approach, the teacher’s role in the classroom begins with an intense focus on “what” students should be able to “do” concluding the lesson. The launch is followed by directed exploration learning that is stimulated by teacher / student questions, discussion, and activities. Finally, through observations and feedback to assess performance, the teacher proceeds to summarize and highlight “what” should have been learned.