Montour School District

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Montour School District
225 Clever Road
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Phone: 412-490-6500
Twitter: @MontourSD
 Dr. Christopher Stone
 Acting Superintendent
 412-490-6500 x 6103

 Mrs. Tiffani Suriano-Doyle
 Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, Board Secretary,  Board Recording Secretary,
 Right-to-Know Officer
 412-490-6500 x 6240
 Mr. Scott Milburn
 Director of Curriculum and Instruction for 7-12
 412-490-6500 x 6236
 Mrs. Anna Borsos
 Business Manager
 412-490-6500 x 6232
 Mr. Darryl Yonkers
 Director of Technology
 412-490-6500 x 6510
 Ms. Susan Sinicki
 Director of Human Resources
 412-490-6500 ext. 6235
 Mr. Todd Price
 Montour High School
 412-490-6500 x 1612
 Mr. William King
 Assistant Principal
 Montour High School
 412-490-6500 x 1614
 Mr. Dominic Salpeck
 David E. Williams Middle School
 412-771-8802 x 2611
 Mr. Michael Marvin
 Assistant Principal
 David E. Williams Middle School
 412-771-8802 x 2612
 Mr. Jason Burik
 Burkett Elementary School
 412-787-0408 x 4611
 Mr. Justin Aglio
 Director of Innovation / Acting Principal
 Forest Grove Elementary
 412-264-6452 x 3611
 Mr. Jason Shoaf
 Elementary Principal
 Dr. Robert Isherwood (Keystone Consulting)
 Director of Special Education / Pupil Services
 Dr. Joe Merhaut (Keystone Consulting)
 Director of Special Education / Pupil Services
 Mr. Evan Ferris
 Director of Facilities and Operations
 412-490-6500 x 6243
 Mr. Lou Cerro
 Athletic Director
 412-490-6500 x 1627
 Mrs. Cortney Gill
 Director of Food Services
 412-490-6500 x 1651
 Mr. Bob Wagner
 Director of Transportation
 412-490-6500 x 4700
 Mr. Jerry Waldorf
 Director of Safety & Student Residency
 412-787-0408 x 6237
 *Photography Credit - Studio 10 Photography