Administration of medication

The Pennsylvania Division of School Health requires a written order from the child’s physician and written parental consent before medication can be given to children in school. Please discuss this policy with your physician. When possible, your child should take his/her medications at time intervals when he/she is at home. If this is not possible, the medication may be given at school provided we have a written doctor’s order and a written parental permission. All forms expire at the end of each school year.

When medications are to be given in school, an adult must bring the medication to school in the original pharmacy container with pharmacy label attached. Please be sure the permission form is completed or the medication will not be given. Students are not allowed to carry medications to school in their book bags, lunchbox, envelopes, etc. An adult will need to bring the medication to the health office.

All medications must be stored and dispensed from the nurse’s office. These same requirements also apply to any over-the-counter medication needed during school hours.

Click to print the forms specific to your child’s health needs: