2018-2019 Armed School Police Officers

June 1, 2018
Dear Montour Families,


            Last Thursday evening, the Montour School District Board of School Directors approved a resolution that will add armed school police officers to our buildings for the 2018-2019 school year. In addition, the Board approved new school safety procedures endorsed by the Pennsylvania State Police as well as an internal communication system called NaviGate Prepared.


Click here to see more about NaviGate Prepared


            We at Montour are aware of the unfortunate society trends with violence in schools, specifically violent intruders. Our goal is to continually seek ways to create the most secure and most welcoming environment for all of our students and staff.


            For the 2018-2019 school year, all buildings will have one full-time armed officer.  Also, the high school and elementary campus will have an extra mobile armed officer on patrol.  These officers will be current and/or retired Act 120/235 police officers.  While it is sad we have to react to societal issues in this manner, we cannot and will not be defenseless to the threat of violent intruders.


            In closing, I applaud the Montour School District parents and teachers who have voiced their concerns regarding school safety over the past several months.  While Montour has proven to be an extremely safe place for students, it is my full intention to preserve this level of safety and security for children by all means necessary.



                                                                        Yours in education,

Dr. Christopher Stone, Superintendent of Schools