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After-school Lego Building Program at Montour Elementary School

Bricks 4 Kidz Lego Building Program

Battle Tops - Students will learn about spinning tops and the forces acting upon a top.  They will determine elapsed time and build a Battle Tops model.  Students will learn about inertia, momentum, elapsed time and centrifugal force. 

Catapult - The catapult has been used since the Middle Ages when it was a state-of-the art weapon of war used to lay siege against fortified castles.  Students will learn that a catapult is a type of lever, and will name the different parts of the catapult and describe how it functions.  Students will build their own catapult and launch a paper football, changing the position of the pivot pin to observe how far the paper football travels. 

Skier -  Imagine yourself speeding down a snowy mountain trail on skis as you assemble our stylized skier, complete with ski poles and goggles.  Your brick-sized skier will need to know techniques to help him control his speed and keep the run from going from faster to disaster!  While we’re at it, we’ll talk about where skiing first began and the different types of skiing that have developed. 


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