School Café - New School Lunch Payment Program

The Montour School District has moved to School Café, a new platform for school lunch payments and free and reduced meal benefit applications.  All parents should visit to register for an account and add their students.  School Café can be accessed from your desktop or on your smartphone through the School Café app.  The video link below provides instructions on registering for an account, adding your students, and other helpful information.
Please contact the food service office with any questions or concerns.
Also, please note, at the July voting meeting, the School Board approved a lunch price increase for 2017-2018 as follows: 

Elementary lunch           $2.60

MS/HS lunch                 $2.85

No change in adult or breakfast pricing.  For additional information on school lunch programs, menus, and the Food Services Department.  Please click here.


*Please note all money in My School Bucks accounts will roll over to School Café.  Free or reduced lunch status will also roll over to School Café for the first 30 days of school.  After that, you will have to reapply for free/reduced lunch, unless otherwise stated by the district.


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