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Title I

Title I Parental Information Sheet
Montour School District’s Title I program is an early intervention model that uses multiple criteria to select students with the greatest academic need in the area of Reading in Kindergarten through fourth grade. The implementation and design of the program is the responsibility of the Federal Program Coordinator, principal, Title I teacher(s), regular school staff, ESL staff, special education staff and the parents of Title I students.
Montour School District implements a multi-facet Title I program the elementary school.
The purpose of a Title I targeted assisted program is to help children in poverty meet high standards by assuring that supplemental services are provided to identified Title I students.
  • Meet the challenging high standards and content set by the state and local schools
  • Succeed in the regular program
  • Attain proficiency as measured by challenging state exams
  • Improve achievement in basic and more advanced skills
Title I Student Selection
All students are screened using the Dynamic Indicator of Basic Literacy Skills (DIBELS Next) assessment, 3 times a year. Based on that screening and other testing information such as language arts benchmark tests, PSSAs, and teacher recommendation, students will be selected based on intensity of need.
Program Facilitation
Students that fall in the intensive range in grades K-4 will receive an intensive small group intervention for a minimum of 120-minutes per week in addition to their core language arts instruction. Intervention curricula are all evidence based curriculum and align to the content being facilitate in the classroom. For more information on the Leveled Literacy Intervention Program pleases visit:
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